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Radiant Heart Meditation

Why We're Here Together...

This is a unique time; challenging, isolating, unsure, painful, and explosive. Simultaneously, I understand it to be a time of epic opportunity, growth, healing, evolution, and limitless possibility. More peace and wisdom, more compassion, more understanding, more inspired action, and most importantly more Love. Take a moment to breathe, take your attention off of the craziness, and allow yourself to be present in the beauty and all the gifts that are present in your life.

About seven years ago the Universe started training me for this moment. I lost both of my parents, numerous friend and colleagues, and my ability to walk. Something undiagnosed had attacked my nervous system. Everything that I had known about life had changed rapidly. I was confused, scared, and lived in endless amounts of grief & pain. I was housebound to different degrees for years and had to choose to give up the public aspects of my business. I survived that time by living what I had been teaching for years, what I had been using to heal others, and creating other’s dreams coming true. I used it to heal myself and now I am back because I had no other choice.

You brought me here. You matter to me. I may not know your name or your face, but I know you matter. We have some people in common; friends, family, fans, colleagues, or clients who loved us both enough to bring us together. I would like to support you. They asked me to. I need to. Through 30 years of private practice and my most recent experiences I have a greater definition of life, beauty, wisdom, peace, compassion and Love. I would like to share my gifts with you now, not only out of my respect for you, but for the Love of the world.

To Better Times and Brighter Days!

XO Erika

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Radiant Heart Meditation

Recorded Live on Valentines 2020

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