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I'm so glad you're here!

Here are some Answers...

Focus on your,


Breathe it in...

Whatever it is, you can do it! You have all you need and all it will take! It may feel different or even uncomfortable but that does not mean it’s wrong, it’s just different.


GRATITUDE changes everything!

Think of all the good in your life, and just what an incredible miracle it ALL IS (even the crap)!


Breathe in all the LOVE and LIGHT

Radiate it OUT TO THE WORLD!

You are a large part of the answer. You can help change the world.

This is a unique time; no doubt. It is a time of epic opportunity, growth, healing, evolution, and limitless possibility. More peace and wisdom, more compassion, more understanding, more inspired action, and most importantly more Love. No matter what you are experiencing in your life, honor it for what it is, an epic moment in time. You are here for a reason to be part of this moment of evolution.

You brought me here.

You matter to me.

I may not know your name or your face, but I know you matter.

We have some people in common; friends, family, fans, colleagues, or clients who loved us both enough to bring us together. I would like to support you. They asked me to. I need to. Through 30 years of private practice and my most recent experiences I have a greater definition of life, beauty, wisdom, peace, compassion and Love. I would like to share my gifts with you now, not only out of my respect for you, but for the Love of the world.

Live in Love!

XO Erika

Sandy Beach

Your Abundant Life Meditation

Relax into your Greatness