A Letter To My Soul

Life is not always easy, but I know it always gets better.

This is a moment in time,

one that I know exists to have me understand who I really am.

One that has me realize my magnificence.

Dear Soul,

I am sorry I lost sight of you, getting caught up in this intrigue and drama. Life sometimes seems to take over in a way that leaves me no room or space to be or to focus on you. It is sometimes so noisy I have trouble hearing you, it is sometimes so painful I have trouble feeling you.

You who are my eternal self, my essences, my core, my eternal light and love; I know I am on an evolutionary journey of infinite possibilities, and creative exploration, that transcends all cosmic time. You offer me my greatness. I am forever in awe and gratitude.

I will breathe deeply and center myself in my breath. I will turn my attention inward, focusing on my body I will feel my way into energy and what it is wanting me to know. I will drop into the deeper sense of who I am. I will be present in the moment, in nature, in beauty tuning into perfection and joy.

Thank you for reminding me I am more powerful than I know. Thank you for waking up my mind to my vastness. Thank you for reminding me that every situation is a gift and that there is a purpose for everything that happens in life. Thank you for reminding me that I am loved and supported by the Universe.

XO Love You XO


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