It’s About Time

You can’t change the past,

but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.


The challenges are many, disorienting at times. We keep talking about when things will go back to “normal” if there ever was such a thing. We talk about how it may look, what will need to be different all while politicians, scientists, and medical experts each speak their truth, speaking on theories to try and prepare us for what life may look like. In the midst of all of this I would like to ask you a question, where do you live? Did you know that your location has a direct correlation as to what you can create for yourself, how much money you make, how successful you are, how Love works out for you, and how happy you are, how you emerge from this time? So, let me ask you again: Where do you live? What time zone do you live in? There are basically one of three places you can live: past, future, present. Each one of these three places ends up defining you and your life. Your decisions, values, and choices are deeply rooted in one of these three places. We respond to people and situations in our lives based on where we are living.

Where are you?

If you are living in the past, you are in your history. Many people live out of their histories. Your history provides you with a story to justify, excuse, and explain why things are the way they are in your life. Living out of your history in a situation like this will always have you longing for how things were. The truth is they can never be that way again. As a native New Yorker I can tell you New York never returned to what it was before 9/11. It changed, adapted, evolved as a product of that experience. As we will with this. The truth is we need to understand the value in all that is happening and make things different for ourselves by learning the lessons the Universe is presenting us with and healing ourselves. If you live in the past, I might suggest moving.

The future is a very different neighborhood. People that live in the future are always making plans for someday. They look forward to things that are happening tomorrow or the next day or the next. They are heard saying things like, “I can’t wait until [x, y, or z] happens”; “when [x] happens then [y]…”; “I will be so happy when [x] happens or I have [y].” Everything depends on something that hasn’t happened yet. Everything depends on what is missing at this moment. If you are focusing on what is missing, it will elude you. If you are living in the future you are not experiencing the fullness of the NOW, because you are not present in your life at this moment. There is a part of you that is waiting for tomorrow. In order to get those things, you are depending on to bring you the happiness and abundance you are counting on, you would need to move into the present and into the now. Most people are afraid of the now and the intimacy, courage, and faith it takes. If you are living in the future, I might suggest you move.

If you are living in the present, in the now, let me just say, “Hello, neighbor!” Living in the present moment is a life filled with consciousness, co-creation, and beauty. Your life unfolds moment to moment as the path appears before you. Your relationship with the Universe is an ever-flowing exchange of creative energy. We can observe our possibilities, options, and explore our dreams. We can value, cherish, and appreciate our existence at a greater level.

This is where we, as well as everything else, thrives. We are conscious, present in every moment, having a full experience. We are in touch with things in the moment. We are aware of how we are feeling about what is going on, as well as how we are feeling toward it. Things are dealt with in the moment or let go of in the moment. There are no worries in the moment, and no plans to have happiness in the future because you have it now. Everything exists in the now. You can create because you are in the moment, so you are attracting everything into your reality now. The biggest bonus as far as I am concerned is the full experience of your Love. Your relationships are Loving, intimate, integrity filled, free, and joyous. You are fully engaged in your Life. You are living in Love! Now, do you think it is worth the move?

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