Embracing the Creating (or How to Let Go of ‘Normal’)

“The Only Constant is Change.”

- Heraclitus

“Create, Don’t Wait.”

- Erika Morrell

Recently the question I have been asked the most has had to do with when things will be returning ‘back to normal’ or inquiring if I felt this moment was the ‘new normal’, my answer has been consistently reminding people there has never really been a “normal”. We are being asked in this moment to create our reality, both our personal reality and our collective reality (I will get to that in a moment).

The Idea of Normal

What we really are meaning when we say something is ‘normal’, we are expecting and experiencing a certain level of consistency and predictability. That allows us to feel safe and organize our reality and expectations with a leave of ease.

Looking at our history as recently as 100 years ago during the first world war (remembering that in itself was a new idea) the pandemic known as the Spanish flu was raging. Over the years we have had Influenza, yellow fever, polio, swine flu, smallpox, scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid Mary, diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, and AIDS (just to name a few). All these killer illnesses existed throughout history during wars, unrest, protests, terrorist attacks, economic hardships, and more.

What makes this time different is we are connected to each other and the world in real-time. This is a first. Heightening the experience, and adding to the already anxiety-producing experience we are both panicking together and supporting each other through a shared common experience.

Talking to family members throughout my life about their life challenges, they all said the same thing. In all the craziness they said, “ …just kept going, living life.”

From a metaphysical perspective, all of this has existed for very particular reasons. One of them was to have us redefine our reality.

Understanding the Truth of Normal

Energy, life, “normal” is and always has been a constantly changing, ever-shifting experience. Up until very recently, we have been living in a slower vibrating frequency that has allowed us to experience things at a slower rate, seeming manageable in a different way. We and our world (planet) are vibrating at a much higher rate and frequency. Our bodies and minds are in the process of evolving and catching up. This is part of the reason why everything feels so rushed, odd, and out of control.

Creating Normal

Our normal can be created based on what we would like to see. Using our imaginations, thoughts, and dreams we can create our reality both personally and collectively. Metaphysics, esoteric writings, quantum mechanics, and modern science speak of this being true.

Creating the Ideal Normal

  • Just take a breath

  • In the center of your chest (your heart chakra) see a radiant sun

  • The bright, beautiful light from the sun is radiating in all directions

  • Understand at this moment we are connected to each other

  • Take a breath

  • See yourself how you would like your life to be

  • Imagine each imagination moment in an illuminated bubble

  • (example: feeling good, happy, free, mask free, running up to people giving them great big hugs, kissing someone you love, not a worry in the world, etc. However, you see it.

  • Now imaging the same for your friends, family, community, and the world

  • After you are finished see all the bubbles floating up and released into the Universe.

Congratulations! You have now started to create the normal for yourself and the world.

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