Not So Empty Hands

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Whether you are conscious of it or not, life is intrinsically whole.

- Jason Shulman

It may not feel like it, but everything is in Divine and perfect order and life is intrinsically whole. Our most recent experiences may lead us to a different conclusion; however, that perception is a misconception.

You are here in this moment in time because you asked to be. You are here because you are playing an important role in this moment in time. You are playing out a moment of evolution and profound healing of this planet and every creature on it. Think of it as one, big, epic healing crisis. It is uncomfortable, irritating, painful at times; however, the outcome is freedom from the afflictions.

I could go on about this in greater detail, discussing planetary science, astrology, esoteric observations, and prophetic channels, however, I would rather provide some simple understandings to manage evolutionary air sickness, by helping you to create a new consciousness, create a new life, create a new world!

  • You are safe, no matter how you may feel. A lot is shifting, realigning, and trying to get you to embrace your authenticity, your greatness, your truth.

  • We are moving from ego-centric to human-centric, meaning to support this time, your thoughts, words and deeds should focus more on how you are impacting humanity with your choices.

  • Manifestations are happening more quickly, so pay attention to your thoughts and your words, as they are creating your life experiences. Be conscious that with everything you think and/or say you are choosing your reality.

  • Stay at peace. If you don’t like it, don’t put any attention on it.

  • Ground using our friend EARTH. Walk barefoot in the grass, sit back against a tree, not only will it remove the unwanted stuff, but it will recalibrate every aspect of your system, and stabilize some of these moving parts. You can also invite EARTH’S best friend AIR to the party and do some deep, peaceful breathing.

  • It is SO last year to manifest things like cars, homes, millions, marriage. Cutting edge manifestation supported by the Universal energies is looking for Us to manifest qualities. So, who you do you want to be? How would you like to move through the world? What feeling would you like to cultivate? How would you like to connect to others and this adventure called life? Vibrate higher and the rest will be magnetic to you.

  • All of our history is being cleared by osmosis. As the frequency of the planet is raised, anything that is not in alignment with that frequency (a vibrational match) is literally disappearing. You are free from it all, unless you choose to lower your vibration by calling it in, by recounting your story, focusing on your past, or punishing yourself or others with your judgments.

  • Understand the perceived confusion and stuck-ness is a product of everything out of the highest alignment being released, history being erased. It is a great, big, fabulous, loving gift from the Universe- A BLANK BOOK, with blank pages to write our new story!

  • Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold

  • Move into a place of Love, Compassion, and Acceptance for yourself and others.



Imagine Divine abundant white light energy showering down on you washing everything away and filling your body and your surroundings with bright gold and white energy. Breathe, and feel the peace.

Making it through all of this, and thriving through what comes next will be a product of allowing yourself to evolve in a non-judgmental way, staying positive and at peace, embracing yourself and others, being conscious, and most importantly, enjoying the ride (all of the ride) as much as possible!

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