Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men

We come to Love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. We come to peace not by lacking conflict, but by finding the grace in every moment.

—Erika Morrell

3 Steps to Harmony and Happiness This Holiday Season

1. Give Yourself a Gift

Take care of yourself. How soon we forget! The holidays have this very funny way of taking over our lives. It seems as if the work increases and the time, we have in the waking hours decreases. Try to remember to Love yourself. To speak kindly to yourself. Take time during the day to get outside to commune with nature and breathe. If you give yourself this one little gift each day you will feel better, have a little less stress, and be able to deal with those around you with patience, understanding, and Love. Of course, meditation never hurt.

Try to keep your physical body in balance. When we feel stressed, we sometimes forgo what we know keeps us healthy and physically in balance. Since we feel we do not have time, we will skip a meal or eat on the run, or start making less-than-great food choices. It is important to make sure that you are drinking enough water and eating at regular intervals. The less stress you put on your body, the less stress you are under.

Do not underestimate the power of movement. I know the last thing you want to do when you are exhausted is move. I know this time of year it is all you feel you do. Deliberate movement: yoga, qigong, and tai chi will not only help to dissipate some of your physical stress, but it will also support you in moving your energy, grounding yourself, staying centered and in balance. It will also give you more energy and a sense of well-being.

2. Count Your Blessings

If you have a chance, download “Count Your Blessings,” sung by Bing Crosby. It is an Irving Berlin song from the movie White Christmas. It is one of the most beautiful, inspirational, touching, and profound songs in its simplicity and message. Count your blessings! The holidays bring up a myriad of feelings for all of us. We start taking inventory of our lives. Grieving our losses and disappointments, we start planning our future, our New Year’s resolutions, and commitments to ourselves to have things be better next year. Well, what about all the blessings that the universe gifted you with this year? What about all the beautiful moments of life and beauty? What about all the moments that took your breath away? Oh, how blessed we all are to be here in this moment, to be on our journey stumbling down our path, singing our song. How blessed we are to have been touched by those who have joined us along the way.

When you start to feel the holiday blues, that you are leaving the moment and transporting yourself either to the past or future, or that you just want to feel better, try this exercise: Blessing Box®. Get a box, any kind that is appealing to you. I once had a client that purchased a large wooden hinged box from a craft store and transformed it into a piece of art. Every time she looked at it, she said it reminded her of how she feels when she thinks about how blessed she is. There were silk flowers all over it, butterflies flying off of it, glitter…the whole thing. Buy a box you Love, or create a box that you Love to look at. Whenever you feel you are losing sight of the beauty of life, write down as many blessings as you need to put a big smile on your face and feel the warmth of life in your heart, and put it in the box. Before you know it the energy of the box will support you in living in your blessings. You can also do this same exercise with a journal. A male client of mine carries around a pocket journal and will jot down his blessings throughout the day. Then, when the journal is full, he places it in a special drawer with all the other journals (he has become an expert in viewing life through blessings). Viewing your life through the eyes of your blessings will support you in keeping your spirit bright this holiday season.

3. Give the Greatest Gift of All

Love! (I bet you knew I was going to say that!) The material things in life are blessings, yes, but nothing means more to people than Love. To feel seen, understood, accepted, and recognized for who you are, an expression of your soul on this earth. Nothing means more. To truly connect with another; nothing is a greater gift. To support someone in remembering that we are not alone here; you have no idea how a moment like that changes a life.

Allow yourself to be the gift of Love to everyone this holiday season (my prayer for you is to be that gift in every moment of your life).

Allow yourself to forgive those who have hurt you. Carry no anger. Show kindness, appreciation, and acceptance to everyone. Remember, the bank teller is a person too, so is the homeless man. Judge no one. Everyone does the best they can, no matter how we feel about it. We are all divinely perfect in our imperfection. Remember the great energy (I refer to it as God) created everyone to be just the way they are. The Universe ensures that everyone is guided to have the perfect experience for them, the perfect life, and to move through that life in Love. Be the Love that you are.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays! May they be filled with peace, joy, light, and Love! Thank you for all the blessings you have brought me this year. Thank you for supporting my work and allowing me to touch your life and the lives of others. May this season and the year to come provide you every blessing!

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