The Undiscovered Country (or Here Comes The Sun!)

Those who stare at the past have their backs turned to the future.

— Marcus Tallius Cicero

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the land of opportunity! It is a wonderful place where we are supported by The Universe in co-authoring the story of our lives. We have the opportunity to choose who we are, what we will have a chance to experience, and how we will move through the world.

The original explorers set out to sea with the scientific understanding (of the time) that the world was flat. Armed with that knowledge, and the vision of the horizon in sight, they were willing to risk sailing over the edge of existence for the opportunity of something that did not yet exist.

Everything we have been experiencing, all the present challenges we are facing can be understood as mere opportunities in disguise. Yes, it feels painful, confusing, agitating, frustrating, and chaotic. There has been no real peace, answers, direction, or plan.

Those that came before us had their own versions of this: plagues, wars, famine, persecution, natural disasters, poverty all created similar responses to the ones we are having now. They made it through using their faith in themselves and something bigger than themselves, their creativity, imagination, willingness to work together, and the opportunities their situations permitted. They lived in gratitude for what they had. We have the opportunity to experience this beautiful world, because of their creativity, fortitude, and vision.

Opportunities are always there, with arms held open waiting for us to embrace them, to embrace the life that could exist for us if only we were willing to imagine what it could be. Risking taking a chance, being frightened, and doing it anyway. To embrace who we might become, the greatness that lays dormant within us, the greatness that is waiting to be released into the world. Opportunity offers us a chance to be more than we ever believed we could be and have a life beyond our dreams that we never knew we could have. Opportunity is always in support of our growth and the deepening of our relationship with our higher self and with the universe.

How to see your opportunities:

  • What have you learned about yourself during all of this?

  • What have you had a chance to do that you normally do not?

  • Where have you found your joy?

  • How have you spent your time?

  • Who have you had a chance to connect with?

  • What do you appreciate or value more now?

  • How would you like your life to be more joyous as a product of all of this? What are you doing to create that reality?

  • How would you like this world to be a better place as a product of all of this? What are you doing to support that vision?

By embracing opportunities, we are actually becoming the co-author of our reality and life. All the opportunities we choose to embrace, that allow us to move forward, grow, and move into our highest and best—our place of deep heart and integrity—are always the correct choices. As each opportunity presents itself to support us in expanding who we are and allow us to show up with more than we thought we were capable of, the opportunities are moving us one step further into the greatness of our lives. If we can let go of the past, our perceived obstructions, and our self-imposed limitations, each opportunity to become more then we are at this moment is one more opportunity to stand in your own sunshine!

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